It Was a Very Good Year

It was a very good year for quoting Frank Sinatra songs. We created Trace(This) about  or so ago now. Actually, we got the URL about a year ago, and about six months before that we did the whole song and dance of ‘Hey, you wanna make a game?’ ‘Yeah dude, let’s make a game.’

It’s kinda funny. So I’m pretty sure it was Jenkins idea to start working on a game, so we started developing Aku no Chinko, which we now have other plans for, and since then we started and stopped developing like 3 other ideas. I’m just gonna kinda have to call Jenkins out on that one. Pretty much, like last year or so, Jenkins just threw a curveball at me and was like ‘I started working on another game’ and some other shit. I went nuts and came up with all kinds of art and whatnot, and Jenkins started programming the game and everything. We actually had a few working demo copies of the game.

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